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At Unencumbered Design, we have a broad background in engineering research, design, and management. Today we specialize in research software development, data management systems, computer and network systems design, and technical writing and copy editing.

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In this web site you will find a description of our services, a discussion of design philosophy, and some example projects. You can learn who we are, look at the services we offer, or browse the entire site from the table of contents.

Unencumbered Design, LLC
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Who Are We?

Unencumbered Design LLC is an informal collaboration of a few like-thinking engineers who work independently or as a team, depending on the requirements of the project at hand.

John H. Harris
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John Harris is an engineer with a broad range of experience in research, design, and management. In recent years he have been doing consulting and contract work concentrating on research software development. He creates systems that are stable and easy to maintain by focusing on portable, usually open-source tools, and by thoroughly documenting the work. He also does a lot of technical writing and publication-grade copy editing.


Andrew Behrens
Andrew Behrens photo
Andy Behrens is a network engineer, Linux and UNIX systems administrator, and senior programmer. He has extensive experience with the design, implementation, security, and maintenance of of large-scale corporate systems. He is comfortable with both business start-up and growth situations, and continuous-duty, commercial production systems.



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